Sasha left

28 11 2011

Sasha, one of the ones desiring to go through rehab has left us, returning to his old life. He took a Bible with him and promised to continue reading. We’ll keep praying for him, and may God help him win in this spiritual battle.


first little birds

12 11 2011

The time has come to open the center. We prayed about getting first swallows (small birds), and God’s sent us a whole pack. Now in the center “House of Salvation” are six rehabilitants. Please pray for them: Losha, 3 Sashas, Ruslan, and Sergei. All of them are actively participating in the life of the center and are studying the Bible. May God help them not only to be freed from alcohol addiction, but also to start a full life with God.

rehabilitation center

7 10 2011

Please keep praying for the preparation of the rehab center. We’re getting close to opening. In this picture, Igor (on the left) is a man who’s gone through rehabilitation a year ago, and now with all his heart is wanting to serve God in this center. Maxim (right side) and many other brothers from the church have actively taken part in the renovations of our building.


5 10 2011

We’re glad how God is working in Yura’s life. His spiritual appetite is growing more and more; He’s starting to desire to know God and pray. Thanks to everyone who is continuing to pray for him.



6 09 2011

I’d like to ask you to keep praying for Dima. It’s obvious that God is really working in his life. Even though he left the rehab center, he’s regularly visiting the services in his local church (in Radinka). He also is interested in studying the Bible and knowing God. Thanks for all who are supporting him in prayer in this difficult time for him.


30 08 2011

A young man. Lately, he started more and more  thinking that he needs to go to God. Today I had a talk with him. Pray for him, he mentioned in prayer his desire to to with God.

Studying for those working in the rehab center

27 08 2011

We really ask your prayers for those who might be working in the rehab center as leaders, that they would be able to go through some training.